Rental Policies

Welcome to our rental policies page!  Before reading on please remember that rules and policies are put in place for a reason… more so for your safety and well being than ours…

Rates & Availability

All bookings require a 40% nonrefundable reservation fee.

We offer our studio 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by *appointment only.

Strobe lighting, props, all grip equipment and full run of the place is always included in your rental. Standard pricing covers this offering. If you would like to utilize our grid mounted tungsten or flying soft box constant lighting, or utilize the studio power for your own tungsten lighting, it is available along with everything else at $7/hr addl.  Students with a current student ID can qualify for the student rate. Be sure and visit our rates page for additional information.

Please be sure and read thru all policies prior to booking:

Group Shoots

We consider a group shoot to be any event where more than two photographers are shooting at any one time or where more than 20 peeps are in attendance.  We would like very much to help you host this type of event in our studio if that is what you are planning, however there will be additional charges and we will need to discuss the details with you. Please give us a call for a quote.

 Studio Rentals involving Large Groups

Up to 10 people is included in your rental rate with the exception of full day renters (10hrs) who are allotted up to 20.  After that there will be a small additional charge. (see our rates page)

Under the age of 18?

If you the renter are under age your parent or legal guardian is required to accompany you to your shoot.  We cannot legally enter into a rental contract with you if you are under 18.

If there are individuals under the age of 18 involved in your shoot we need to ensure that a parent or legal guardian are either with them or they have specified written permission to be involved in your project/shoot.  Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that will be solely available to give their attention to that child/children.

Please understand that Shutterstories is a professional studio with professional equipment and along with that comes dozens of cords, hot lights and many other hazards that young children could easily be harmed by… we want everyone leaving with a smile on their face instead of a band-aid on their knee!  We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Booking Studio Time

The Space is available to only one renter at a time. Your rental includes use of the entire studio, and no one else will share the space with you or your group.  When you reserve a time with us, we block that time from being available for anyone else.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash is always welcome if you would like to come by and place your deposit in person.

Early Drop-Off/Storage of property

If you (the renter) wants to drop off sets, set pieces or anything involved in your rental at an earlier date & time you will be SOLELY responsible for the items dropped off and normal rental rates will incur if the drop off or storage of interferes with the use of the facility by any other renter.

Any props, set pieces, dressings or otherwise not removed at the end of your rental will not only result in storage fees but will be your SOLE responsibility if any damage occurs to your property.

Storage fees will accrue daily at $35.00/day.  Anything not picked up after 10 days will be considered assets of Shutterstories.

By renting our facility you (the renter) waive ALL liability of Shutterstories and or its assigns for any loss or damage to anything you leave at Shutterstories facilities unattended by you (the renter).

Cancellations / Rescheduling

Understanding that even the best planning can be trashed at the last minute; and you find yourself having to cancel with a minimum of 48hrs we will re-schedule your shoot 1 time without losing your deposit.  This means we will reschedule your booking for you within 30 days, but your deposit will not be refunded and you will not be required to re-deposit.  If, however you miss or reschedule a 2nd time we will require you to re deposit prior to scheduling another shoot.

**Please keep in mind that reservation fees ARE required and ALWAYS nonrefundable.

When You Arrive

Final Payment is due upon your arrival for your rental. If you would like, the studio will be made available to you or any early arrivals from your group 10 minutes prior to your scheduled rental start time. If we can accommodate and you agree to charges for additional time, people from your group that arrive earlier than 10 minutes can start your rental early. Otherwise they will have to wait.


You may bring in your own catering and alcohol. However, the SALE of alcohol is not permitted. ALL parties must be of legal drinking age (21) and you must sign a waiver releasing Shutterstories of any liability.

Strike and Clean

Your Rental will end no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled end time. IF you need more time to finish the shoot, and we can accommodate, additional time can be purchased in hour increments at the published rates without overtime charges.

We will require that you return the studio to the condition it was in when you began your rental. Anything brought in for your production must also be removed at the end of your shoot. We will need you to remove all sets, trash and or decorations that

you brought in, as well as any tape or fixatives used.  In addition, ALL sets moved by renter must be returned to their place of origin and in the manner in which it was found.

Shutterstories will automatically charge you (the renter) a $100.00 clean-up fee for any *trash, decorations or any tape and fixatives left behind by you (the renter).

* Trash must be collected and dumped into the receptacles provided and Shutterstories staff will empty the receptacles…

Loss or Damage of Personal Property

You (the renter) will accept SOLE liability for any property brought in by you or any person involved in your shoot.

Shutterstories will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of any item brought in by you or your assigns.


You as the Renter indemnifies Shutterstories and or its Assigns against any claims and damages, including counsel fees, arising from your use of the facility and equipment.

In all matters concerning the liability of Shutterstories and or its Assigns, the Renter acknowledges and accepts SOLE liability for the rental, including the safety and welfare of every person attending the rental.

Also, the Renter acknowledges and accepts full liability for the actions of their guests should those actions result in any damages or claims against shutterstories.

Please understand that as the renter, you will be charged for the replacement or repair of any damages to the property of 981 Iowa Avenue Ste #B, and to the property and building containing it that may occur as a result of the event or anyone attending

the event. Any missing or non-repairable items will be charged to you at their replacement value. You will be responsible for payment of all fees and expenses.

*All clients upon arrival for their rental will be asked to sign a  policies acknowledgement & rental agreement.

981 Iowa Avenue Ste B Riverside, Ca., 92507 . . 951.318.1574